A blog?

November 19, 2018

Yes. A blog. How quaint.

I recently came to a realisation—what drunks refer to as a moment of clarity ©Jules Winnfield 1994—that I don’t have a good method of getting *waves hands*things out of my head these days. A situation mostly of my own making but it’s not great place to be.

Since moving to Ireland in 2010, my friend network is now distributed. And I’m bad at keeping in touch.

Since my eldest was born in 2015, my social life (quite rightly) has diminished.

Since my dad died in 2016, I no longer have that, albeit infrequent, outlet.

Since my youngest was born in 2017, myself and my wife seem to have even less time to talk.

My work colleagues are fab, but I feel opening up would be inappropriate.

The regular conference circuit I used to attend has mostly dried up, and traveling isn’t something I can easily do now that I have a young family.

Twitter isn’t what it used to be. More on that another time.

So I have excuses. But much in the same way as the Getting Things Done® approach encourages you to get your todos out of your head and onto something, I’m hoping this will be a therapeutic exercise of sorts.

Also I rarely write these days and I should really do more of it.

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